Mastro Family donates $102,960 to Southeastern Guide Dogs

The Mastro Family just announced the donation to Southeastern Guide Dogs for the 2019-2020 Subaru Share the Love event. It was a bit more difficult to do a presentation this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but both sides did their best. A much needed donation of $102,960 was presented to Andy Kramer of Southeastern Guide Dogs. The Mastro Family loves what the entire team at Southeastern Guide Dogs does for people with challenges and our Veterans suffering with PTSD. Hopefully, next year, things will be back to normal and we can all get together. 



Introducing the newest additions to the Mastro family…

Here at Mastro Subaru, we're always looking for new ways to make a positive impact in the Orlando community. We've sponsored a variety of local causes throughout the years, and one of the organizations we gladly support is Southeastern Guide Dogs.

The Mastro family are proud sponsors of two dogs: Mastro, a Yellow Lab currently in training at the Bradenton facility; and Legacy, a Yellow Lab puppy that has just joined the program. Stephen and Stephanie were introduced for the first time at the Tampa Guide Dog walkathon. 

These are "super hero" dogs, and depending on their skill set, will be helping community members who are visually impaired, veterans suffering from PTSD, and other government services such as bomb detection, fire and arson, hospital therapy, and more. 

Little Mastro 

Our team has loved watching Mastro grow from a pup into the service dog candidate that he is today. He currently lives at the Southeastern Guide Dog kennel as he trains to become a guide dog. Prior to training, he was generously cared for by the Folkman family in Tampa. These volunteer puppy raisers are amazing in their devotion to the dogs and how much they care. 

guide dog in training Paws for Patriots  
Mastro's graduation 
Little Mastro  

See more about Little Mastro.


With such amazing reception of Mastro, our dealership just sponsored a second Yellow Lab, "Legacy." She's still a puppy and doesn't begin her evaluation until she's about a year old, so in the meantime she's being socialized (and spoiled) by a local puppy raiser. Even though she's young, we can already see she is going to make a very special service dog! 


Big Jake

In addition to sponsoring and naming puppies "Mastro" and "Legacy," the Mastros have committed to becoming ambassadors for Southeastern Guide Dogs and have welcomed a lovable black Labrador named "Big Jake" into the family.  Only about a year old, Big Jake is well over 100 pounds so far, but very docile and sweet.

Big Jake 

As our newest ambassador dog, "Big Jake's" friendly, easygoing personality makes him the perfect choice to head to work each day at Mastro Subaru of Orlando. There he'll become a warm reminder of the Southeastern Guide Dogs' mission to customers and staff alike, and a living representative of why Subaru's customers should choose our school as their hometown charity donation recipient.

"Southeastern Guide Dogs changes lives, especially for our veterans. The cost to provide a guide dog for a veteran with a visual impairment or a service dog for a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder is tens of thousands of dollars, yet veterans receive these extraordinary dogs at no cost. The money we raise goes toward raising, training, and placing these dogs, which make such a significant impact on people's lives. It is rewarding to know that our contributions and efforts go toward such a great cause." - Stephen Mastro, owner of Mastro Subaru

About Southeastern Guide Dogs:

Southeastern Guide Dogs is based out of the Tampa Bay area, but their footprint is nationwide. The organization's Paws for Patriots program provides service dogs for veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Founded in 1982, the award-winning organization provides all of its dogs and services at no cost to the people across the nation who need them.  It is the only accredited guide dog school in the Southeastern U.S., and its Paws for Patriots program helps American heroes find freedom and healing once again through guide dogs, service dogs, facility therapy dogs, and emotional support dogs.

The Mastro family recently donated over $105,000 to Southeastern Guide Dogs, along with Subaru of America's Share the Love campaign with matching funds.