meet Mastro

Mastro Subaru of Sanford is a proud supporter of Southeastern Guide Dogs, an award-winning national guide school dog based in Tampa. As part of our involvement, we sponsored a Yellow Lab puppy that the organization was kind enough to name -- you guessed it -- Little Mastro!

Raised by local volunteers, the Folkman family, Little Mastro grew from a puppy into a certified therapy dog. After a thorough training regimen, we're hoping Mastro will be helping the visually impaired or providing comfort and therapy to a veteran with PTSD and other needs as part of the organization's Paws for Patriots program. 

Today, Little Mastro is living at the Southeastern Guide Dog's kennel where he is training to be a guide dog. 

We hope you enjoy watching Little Mastro in action as much we do! 

Little Mastro in Action

Little MastroThis little guy always loved being outside and exploring the great outdoors!Southeastern Guide Dogs   The Folkman Family took great care of Little Mastro as he learned the ropes of social interaction.Holiday MastroBack when he was just a pup! Little Mastro enjoyed the holidays with his new family in his new home.

As part of his training, Little Mastro went on a field trip to Dick's Sporting Goods in Westshore Mall.

Little Mastro at training Southeastern Guide Dogs  Mastro trains